Health Desk

This week, I was given the mission to find some apps that would be beneficial to Health and Physical Education Teachers. After some searching on the App Store and on the Google machine, I found three apps that would be very beneficial. The first app is by Demand Media, Incorporated, called My Plate Calorie Tracker. With this app, users can easily track what they eat and how much they should be eating based on their gender, age, weight, height and daily exercise. Compared to online calorie trackers, this app is easier to use and has a better set up. In Burlington, every sophomore does a project where they must record their food intact for a period of time. This app would make the project easier and more efficient  To add a food you have eaten, there is the option to either scan the bar code on the food package or search it and add the item to the list. Besides giving the amount of calories consumed, the daily fat, protein and carb intake ( in grams) is displayed on the page.


There comes a time in everyone’s life when they will be out into a situation when they need to help someone in need. In this situation, it is good to have First Aid by American Red Cross. This app gives training on how to help someone in an emergency. Some training available include allergic reactions, broken bones, burns, CPR, heart attack, hypothermia, poison consumption and many more. Step by step procedures, video tutorials are also included in the app in order to teach users proper technique in response. After going through all the training, test can be taken to receive certificates. (NOTE: just because you pass an in app test does not mean you are officially certified). This app would help students learn the steps of first aid in dangerous situations.

But before being able to help someone in need, you need to know what part of the body does what and where it is. With Spongelab Interactive’s app called Build A Body, users test their ability to know where each part of the body is located by building a body. Users build the digestion, respiration, skeletal, nervous, excretory, and circulatory system. With each system, facts are given about each part of the systems and what they do for the body. This interactive app would help students learn the functions of the body and how all different parts of the body interlock and interact with the other parts of the body to create a functioning human. Because this app is set up as a game, students can battle against each other to see who knows the body the best!



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