“A Programmer’s Best Friend”

Today there is 256 different programming languages. With the top three languages being Java, C then C++, three languages that most programmers know at least the names of, one that is not too commonly known goes by the name of Ruby or Ruby on ruby-53272f15396c2222cc0f9899fd13fb9f Rails. Created by Yukihiro “Matz” Matsumoto, I will learn and master this language in no time. Similar to C++, one of the languages that I already know, Ruby is object- oriented, meaning that every value used is an object. Ruby is a multi-paradigm programming language which means that it supports multiple programming styles.

If you are a programmer, you know that occasionally it can be painful to look at a screen and type, Matsumoto wanted to change that. He created this language for programmers to not only remain productive but also have fun while doing it. The number one website that was coded in Ruby is called Basecamp, an online collaboration tool, followed by Burlington High School’s favorite social media site, the reputable Twitter. Keep checking in to see updates on my progress with learning Ruby and eventually the final outcome of a fully functioning code.ss_101


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