Confidence is Key

This past Thdownloadursday, members of the Help Desk team and I attended a technology conference known as MassCUE. The conference was held at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough Massachusetts and being my first time not only attending this event but also my first time going to Gillete Statium, I was blown away. Upon entering on a cold October day, we received our badges and complimentary badges and headed upstairs to find booths upon booths of different technology companies.Some of the companies include Hub Tech, VCE, Pearson, EPSON ,and many, many more.  we met with students from Reading High’s Help Desk. I was surprised to find out that none of them were seniors.

After chatting, it was time to go adventure. Cat, TJ, Mike, Mira, Dan and myself went back down to the main floor in hopes to find companies we knew and some we did not know. We first found BrainPOP, a company that we all were familiar with because we used it in elementary school and middle school. The people running the booth were so amazed about how excited we were to see BrainPOP there. Soon after, we found Canvas, a software created by Instructure. The two men talked to us not like we were children, but as if we were professionals. The entire atmosphere of the event was amazing. Everyone was there for the same reason, technology. IMG_9783


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