Test Taking for the Future

It is the Twenty First century and teachers are still giving out hard copies of tests. Not that it is time consuming to make the test or quiz and then print them, but for small five question quizzes or surveys, it’s a waste of paper. A companyunnamed called Nolan Amy created a free app that could change test taking forever. Their app is called Plickers and with it, test taking will never be the same. The way the app works is using a scan card that represents up to four multiple choice answers. The teacher simply has each of the students sign into an account and hold up their cards up with the code that corresponds with the letter the students wish to enter.

This app can make classes become tech savvy with just one simple action. This app is easy to work through and use. Test taking can become fun and quicker with fast and instant results.

This app would be a new way test and quizzes are taken entirely. Stay tuned for a step by step tutorial on how to use this innovating app.



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