Tour of Innovation

Recently, over one hundred members from all of the country came to Burlington High School to see how the students use their iPad and technology in the classroom. The members of the Help Desk broke up into multiple small groups and led around seven members. My partner for the tour was the lovely Mira Medhi. Together, we started in the French room where the guests saw a number of students working on their iPads to do their assigned work. After the French room, the guests asked Mira and me what type of work the Help Desk students do, what our typical day consisted of and what it was like to be a part of our Help Desk. The guests seemed to be intrigued by our responses and wanted to see where all the action took place.

Upon entering our Help Desk rIMG_0420oom, they instantly could notice the Google themed coloring. After, the group went into an Italian room where presentations were being given. Mira and I discovered that one of the guests actually spoke Italian very well. Our next visit was to a Web Design class. In this class, all the kids were working on a Mac to create their projects. The guest spoke with the teacher, Keith Mistler, about their progress. The students use their iPads and a Mac every class to produce a final product. Sadly, we had to cut our time short with Web Design.

Overall the tour was an amazing experience that I am thankful to have been able to be a part of. After the tour, I met other members of the tour. They asked myself and other members of the Help Desk how we got involved in Help Desk. Usually, I am not one to enjoy speaking out loud, let alone to strangers, but because these guest were fully interested in what we had to say made the experience enjoyable.







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