Ninjas in Training

GREENAlong with the four Help Desk students, there is also ten Digital Literature students in the classroom. One of the projects that these students were assigned was to become a certified Google Ninja. To become a Google Ninja, test on the different aspects of Google are to be taken. The level of difficulty increases as the belt level increases, similar to Karate. In order for the Dig Lit students to become certified, I worked alongside them. One of the major skill that was demonstrated was communication. In order to fully understand where the students were with knowledge of how well they know all the tools of Google, we had a discussion. After learning where they all stood, we began to take the tests. Realizing that there is more to Gmail than sending emails, I began to troubleshoot. The Google Ninja website offers video tutorials on how to use the different parts of each Google application. By the end, not only did the Digital Lit students become certified Google Ninjas, but our time management and collaborating skills were put to the test.


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