No setup. No hassle. Just learning.


Ever want to learn how to code but never knew how to get started? Thanks to Code School LLC, you can start learning right now. With their free app, Code School, programming has never been so easy to pick up. Weather you are using a computer or a tablet, you can learn six programming languages just by watching videos and using the online simulations. The languages include Java Script, HTML/CSS, iOS, Git, Electives and Ruby.photoEach of these languages comes with videos that are downloaded into the app and also a variety of courses to get practice using the language. 

As part of the Help Desk, each student is responsible for creating an ILE or Independent Learning Endeavor.  For my ILE, I am learning Ruby on Rails. Code School has helped me begin to learn the language and allows me to test my skills periodically. The app’s clean and sleek set up allows users to easily navigate through each language and the included lessons.

So what are you waiting for? Here’s your opportunity to learn some of the top coding language and all it requires is 15 minutes.


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