Battle of the Sites


image It is that time of the year again. The leaves are changing, the pumpkins are growing and   school is back in session. Just over a month ago, Google released their newest app, Google Classroom. This app allows students to log on using a Google account and join virtual classrooms that their teachers have set up. Teachers can post assignments, updates, or anything else they want. Students can submit their homework and assignments by uploading a Google Doc that will be turned in to the teacher. Before Google released this app, many teachers have been using an app called Edmodo. This app, like Google Classroom, allows students to join their teacher’s page in order to view assignments posted. But which do students prefer? A poll was taken, and out of the thirty anonymous participants, twenty-four of them said they preferred Google Classroom over Edmodo(see graph below created using NCES)One participant who voted for Google Classroom said, “Things are easily accessible on Google Classroom, as opposed to Edmodo which includes several different miscellaneous folders and seems a bit convoluted”.  This particular person and multiple others strong opinions against Edmodo. The main aspect that users liked more about Google Classroom was it’s organization. With Google Classroom, all the classes that a user is enrolled in is easily displayed on the home page with any upcoming assignments posted under the corresponding course. In order to view different classes with Edmodo, a user would have to click through multiple tabs in order to get the desired information. Many high school students participate in a sport, extra curricular activities or work on top of school. In order to successfully manage the busy lifestyle of a student, organization is a very important factor. With Google Classroom, students can easily find out what their assignments are and can turn them in virtually. With Edmodo, students would have to navigate around multiple different pages and can not turn in their assignments. At the Burlington schools, every student is given a Google email which is automatically linked with Google Classroom. Students just need to simply log in and their account is already set up. All of the work that is turned it is automatically saved into a folder properly named “Classroom” in their Google Drive. Personally, I prefer using Google Classroom over Edmodo because of its simplicity and sleek appearance. This app makes keeping on task relatively easier and more efficient. With the new year only at its beginning, everyone’s ultimate goal is to do the best they possibly can. Whether it is with Google Classroom, Edmodo or even a completely different app is up to you.